Top Paysafecard online casino sites with a loyalty programme

Gambling clubs with Paysafecard have one thing in common. At these casinos, gamblers will be able to go through a strong loyalty whistle and receive free bonuses.

What are the advantages of a loyalty program casino?

The loyalty program at top Paysafecard online casino sites is a tiered bonus that aims to keep users engaged. Participation in the offer is automatic for all registered users. Here’s how to find out what’s great about the Loyalty Program at casinos and how to get the most out of it.

How to participate in the Loyalty Programme

There are several things users need to do to activate the offer:

  • register in the system;
  • fill out a questionnaire with personal information;
  • verify their details with the Security Service;
  • top up the account balance;
  • make at least 1 bet for your own money.

The player receives a certain number of points for each game or spin. Additional points shall be awarded as part of promotional offers or for completing certain actions (e.g. registering or being active for consecutive days).

The points accumulated are transferred to a separate account for each winning or losing bet. This bonus cannot be withdrawn directly. You can upgrade your status in the Loyalty Program, redeem your points for real money or use them to obtain additional benefits. The convenience of the Loyalty Program is that it does not require the wagering of reward points.

The number of gift points you receive on different types of entertainment is often not the same. If you take a 100% bonus for playing slots, you can get 25-75% of that for roulette, poker, table games, and virtual games. This is how casino representatives redirect players to certain games. From the outside, this process is unnoticeable but is a powerful marketing hook.

The tier system

Beginners are assigned level 1, which is the lowest level in the Loyalty Program. It has low cashback, no additional bonuses, and a poor exchange rate for points for cash. Often the names of levels are taken from jewelry and precious metals (silver, gold, platinum, ruby, etc.).

The higher the level, the greater the benefits and the player. A high status implies:

  • participation in exclusive bonus programs;
  • favorable exchange rates for points;
  • regularly awarded gift free spins;
  • an increased percentage of cashback on funds lost;
  • lower wager on some promotional offers.

Typically, casinos use a system of 8-10 tiers. To move to the next level, it is necessary to actively play and accumulate a certain number of points. If the player can move to a higher level, the operator’s representatives will notify him about it.

The loyalty program is often confused with VIP status, but they are different things. In the first case, all users without exception become participants, in the second – entrance to the private club is possible only by invitation. VIP members are those who make large deposits and draw large sums of money.

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