7 t-shirt design ideas that won’t wear out

If you’re not sure what kind of shirt to wear, we can help! We’ve rounded up 50 t-shirts that will make a statement. Grab one and see which one best matches your style, then show it off at your next social event!

T-shirts for startups and businesses

Why invest in a brand-website if you won’t wear your company’s t-shirt? People who work with your brand on a daily basis are feeling confident and part of the team, which is an important factor in retaining them when they do happen to leave. One suggestion: use imagery to convey your company’s story through a company’s logo or slogan. When done right, the effect will make it feel more like art, not advertising.

T-shirts for events and conferences

Hosting a live event is likely to result in higher ticket sales, so a t-shirt purchase should also be easy. Beyond that, having shirts becomes an investment of memorabilia to look back on and connect the experience with your brand. The best way to set yourself up for annual recurring events is to create a consistent design concept that makes it easier for people to remember each year’s “upgrade.” With each upgrade comes new and improved classics, which helps encourage people to come back or attend more often.

T-shirts for parties and celebrations

Have you ever regretted not going to a party, something you could have easily avoided if only you had been there? You’ve seen all your friends wearing the same shirt and now regretting not going. Some people are lucky enough to go to so many parties, from milestone events like birthdays to large-scale festivities like Christmas. What about that shirt? Now Aunt Betty can finally celebrate in style by wearing her birthday shirt on Christmas!

T-shirts for sports and fitness

One of the best ways to drive sales is through word-of-mouth referrals. People will often share their referral link to social media and blog posts. Ask your customers if they can promote it on their own blogs, fan pages, and Instagram accounts.

T-shirts for bands and musicians

There’s a lot of value in t-shirts to music lovers and, in particular, their favorite band. Instead of just relying on a logo or album cover, you need to think about what mood or theme is appropriate and then design accordingly. You’ll want something that evokes the mood or theme of the music itself with a design that is both stylish and expressive.

T-shirts for schools and universities

There are a number of ways to show your school pride. Short of making a necklace out of your diploma, school apparel is the best way to display it. You’ve worked hard for that diploma, so why not show it off? Many schools especially love to combine their sense of local pride with their school pride. You can design for both with an illustration like California High School’s or fun typeface designs like Harrison Schmitt Elementary School does. For younger students, you’ll get a lot more creative leeway (and a lot more work).

T-shirts for clubs and organizations

One thing that can make a club more social is to wear matching t-shirts and team uniforms. Members will be more likely to join if others are wearing the same things, as well as be more likely to talk about it with friends. Just beware of an embarrassing match-up—or even worse, a tacky shirt that looks awful on all team members.

T-shirs for non-profits and charities

A t-shirt design should make more of a statement than any style. That’s why non-profit designs are better for a shirt as opposed to something too trendy. Although a t-shirt won’t fully solve your problems, it can help spread awareness about that particular cause.

Graphic tees for retail

Graphic tees are a great way to show off your favorite artist or design because they’re unisex, available in every size and can be purchased with whatever color you want. Can you imagine being on the beach at sunset wearing an amazing print shirt? fashion is about expressing yourself uniquely, and graphic tees are one of the best ways to do it.

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