Best Online Hobbies To Make Money in 2023


Everyone wants to make extra money, and thanks to the internet, a side hustle from your favorite pastimes is easier than ever. Here are the 15 best online hobbies (and how to score $14,000). 


1. Write

You may be curious about how to find a hobby that pays or how you can make daily money. Start a platform for shared ideas or build a blog and run paid ads. Other ideas include freelance writing on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. 

2. Illustrate or Design

If you like to draw, freelance designers and artists can find clients online for marketing projects or custom products (t-shirt designs, wedding party banners). 

3. Gamble Online 

You may enjoy playing slots, card games, or betting in sportsbooks with crypto. Another suggestion is to win money playing real fish table games

Sign-up casino cash offers are JUICY. Sites like Las Atlantis match a WHOPPING $14,000, while others typically match 150-200%. Let the chips roll in!

4. Make Music

Sell your recordings on platforms like SoundCloud or make albums or songs on YouTube and build your audience as a singer or musician. Try BeatStars, Airbit, or SoundOracle to list your music for others and get paid. 

5. Cook

Making dishes for others or photographing food is trendy. Other ideas include becoming an amateur chef, food vlogger, food truck owner, YouTube food demos, or catering business. A bonanza! 

6. Gardening

Have a green thumb? Take pictures of plants for sites or sell succulents to businesses. Other options include starting a gardening club and helping people grow healing herbs (legally!).

7. Take Pictures

With a good camera, you and photograph events or gigs for others. Get creative, from weddings and business openings to family portraits and food dishes! 

8. Create DIY Crafts

Crafting ideas include painting, making candles, and selling blown glass, jewelry, or ceramics. Sell your products on Etsy, eBay, or your store (and pitch your products to major stores).

9. Get Into Comedy

If you have a funny bone, try standup or post videos online. Businesses often look for comedy writers for blogs and TV shows. Creating funny books, t-shirts, and mugs are other options.

10. Pets

Pet lovers can make extra cash from LOL pet videos to dog walking. 

Volunteer at shelters, sell pet pictures online, or pet sit. Offer a free trial to drum up new business for your pet pampering service.

11. Brew Beer

Making your own beer is legal nationwide. Obtain the proper licenses to sell to the public. 

If you find sampling craft brews fun, pitch your beers to restaurants or local bars, or teach online beer brewing to future brewers.  

12. Play Games

Gamers can test new games on sites like Twitch. Other ideas include making extra cash on YouTube by sharing gaming techniques. 

Another idea is to request one-time subscription donations from viewers for extra income.

13. Blog

If you like editing or writing, businesses need writers for their blogs and landing pages. 

To make money on your own blog, use display ads (banners), AdSense, or promote affiliate sites. As you expand, sell your own products or services and publish your content on Kindle.

14. Fly Drones

If you like the outdoors, flying drones can be profitable. Record construction sites or outdoor events (concerts, sports). Other ideas include real estate listings or surveillance for car dealerships. 

Display your work on YouTube to build your clientele or teach others online. 

15. Taking Surveys

For hobbies for 50-year-olds, consider filling out questionnaires on sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, or Survey Junkie for extra money. 

While the pay is low ($5-$10 fur surveys), it is minimal work like watching videos, answering questions, or playing video games.

Make Money From Your Favorite Hobby

A few tips to keep in mind can help you stay on track to the road to success.

These steps include:

  1. Benchline by exploring what others in the same industry are charging.
  2. Create and file a unique business name in your state.
  3. Set up a business plan to track your goals.
  4. Explore your business finances with a tax accounting course for business owners.
  5. Refine your products or services by researching fees, competitors (benchmarking), designs, and marketing.
  6. Legalize your business and obtain insurance to protect your assets.
  7. Obtain any necessary licenses and know your state laws.
  8. Select your accounting software for your website and brush up on tech and marketing skills.
  9. Open a store or start your business online (Wix, Shopify, SquareSpace) and hire staff.
  10. Run promotions and optimize your landing pages and About Us page.

Financial independence takes time. Pace yourself, grasshopper!

Make Money From Hobbies and Start a New Side Hustle Today

Whether you want to pay bills or save for retirement or a vacation, doing things you enjoy pays off literally! From writing and gambling (for up to 200% of your deposit) to teaching classes, a profitable hobby can turn into TONS of extra cash!


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