Unfashionable Bags That Everyone Must Have

Classic style is the key to comfort and durability. There are things that have been invented for a long time that seem to be out of trend. But at the same time, they will never go out of style and will always be ideal additions to the capsule wardrobe. If it is difficult for you to make the right choice, classic style solves all the problems.  

   The fashion industry cultivates novelty by launching fashion trend viruses. Fashion today is like Russian roulette. If you are tired of choosing something specific, take a short break and chill with 22 Bet. Who knows you might find the best idea during your game. However, we are increasingly inclined to buy classic models that are comfortable and durable. An example of this is designer bags, the popularity of which has not waned over the years. You can invest in a real designer handbag or pick up a more budget-friendly similar option.

    See a selection of branded handbags that have long become modern classics. As well as their counterparts with similar models of quality brands that can be bought in European online stores. 

Gucci 1955 Horsebit

History creates the future. This model was copied from the 20th century and improved. That is why you are able to feel how our ancestors used to love fashion. Practical and versatile in form, the Gucci Horsebit handbag is feminine enough to go well with both business suits and puffy dresses. See branded women’s bags similar to Gucci.

Celine Classic Box Bag

The overall aesthetic of Celine bags has changed significantly, but the design of the classic Celine box bag has remained unchanged. This is an eternal bestseller in the European market because a laconic rectangular bag fits any look – from everyday to evening. We have selected models of handbags similar to the classic Celine box bag.

A.P.C. half-moon bag

A.P.C. A half-moon bag is an example of elegant minimalism. This half-moon bag may seem primitive in form, but it is based on an impeccable, carefully thought-out design that demonstrates the sophisticated aesthetic of the brand. Perfect leather and polished gold fittings bring the model to perfection. This sophisticated crossbody bag will go with any outfit. In German online stores, you will find many half-moon bags in various shades.

Mark Cross

Mark Cross is a traditional American brand relaunched in 2010. All of the brand’s bags share the same look, with a square, structured silhouette and elegant details. They radiate the atmosphere of a big city, and it is impossible not to fall in love with them.

Loewe Hammock

Designer JW Anderson has turned Loewe bags into a collection of greatest hits, leaving behind an iconic model a hammock bag. It has an unusual design that allows you to use the bag both as a crossbody and as a roomy tote bag. The eternal popularity of the Loewe Hammock bag is guaranteed! No less popular are its modern counterparts from fashion brands.

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