Spotify Hidden Features You Should Know About


Spotify is unquestionably one of the most popular and largest music streaming services. This platform remains among the top five greatest platforms for streaming music, having over 406 million active users and millions of subscriptions. Spotify is appealing because it provides the majority of its services for free. Some additional Spotify Hidden Features such as offline listening are reserved for paid subscribers. Spotify is really good even for the free version, and it gets even better when it’s upgraded to premium. However, there are some Spotify tricks/hacks and Spotify Hidden Features that so many users do not know. 

What are some Spotify hacks and Spotify Hidden Features?

For starters, there’s a hack to get around Spotify’s geographic restrictions. These barriers are used to prevent inhabitants of particular nations from accessing certain regions’ music libraries. This function can be quite inconvenient, and it’s the most common flaw/limitation that Spotify customers complain about.

You can bypass this block by using VPN for iPhones or Android. For instance, with a free iOS VPN, you can easily trick Spotify into thinking you’re resident in a foreign country and access their music library that should’ve been otherwise restricted. A suitable VPN for Apple iPhone would be the VeePN: It is fast, secure, and offers you a free trial to test its amazing features. 

Adding Music of Your Own 

Spotify allows you to upload your own songs. However, because this feature is disabled by default, you must manually enable it to make it work. To do so, go to Spotify’s settings and enable “display local files,” then select “add a source.” Your tracks will now appear in the “local files” section of your music library. You may now listen to them online, create a playlist, or do whatever else you want with them. 

Downloading Paylists 

Spotify is mostly known as a music streaming service, but this raises the question whether or not tracks can be downloaded from the service. Yes, you can save your Spotify tracks to your computer. Simply look for the download option on your user interface and select it. Spotify will then download all the music in that playlist to your hard drive, allowing you to listen to them even while you’re not connected to the internet. However, if you’re using Spotify on your phone (Android or iOS), you’ll need to be a premium member to view this choice.

Getting in Touch With Spotify 

This is one of Spotify’s more recent features that few people are aware of. You must first enable this functionality in your app’s settings in order to communicate with Spotify visit here

Privacy mode

This is the secret Spotify feature you need to activate if you require a private listening session, where people who follow you on Spotify won’t be able to see or hear what you’re listening to. All you have to do now is go into your Spotify app and enable the “private session” feature. A padlock icon will show on top of your avatar once it has been activated. You can also terminate the private session from the same location where you began it.

Hidden Contents 

As a Spotify user, I’m sure you must have come across the term, hidden contents. So what are hidden contents on Spotify? Hidden contents are music files that are removed (not deleted) from a playlist, and hidden. To hide songs, you just need to click on the minus (-) sign next to a song while it is playing. Once you do that, the song will disappear from the playlist. To access this song again, you have to go to your music library and scroll down to see the hidden contents’ folder. From here, you simply click on the red sign next to a song to unhide it. 

Recovering Deleted Playlists

Things go wrong from time to time. You can mistakenly end up deleting your favorite playlist, one you’ve spent endless hours curating. If you delete it by accident, all is not lost; you may just bring it back from the dead. And here’s how you do it: 

Go to your Account Page to get started. 

Select Recover playlists from the left-hand menu. 

Restore a playlist by selecting it and clicking RESTORE. 

It should have reappeared in your Playlists.


To do this, you need to use a third-party app (a visualizer). You can get one by searching online. Once you get a visualizer, simply follow the instructions on the app to sync it to your account on Spotify. Note that to do this, you must grant the app full access to your account. After syncing, select your synchronizer’s music player whenever you play a song on Spotify. It will automatically bring up cool and mesmerizing visualizations.

As lovely as it can be to listen to your quality music on Spotify, applying these tricks/hacks will take your streaming experience to the next level, and give you an edge over many other Spotify users.

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