What is Share Focus Status | How Share Focus Status iPhone

You may be looking for a new way to communicate with your iPhone about your current focus status. We have compiled a detailed guide on how to Share focus status on iPhones.


Share focus status on iPhones is a very important feature for social networking users, as we all know. The amount of information that we receive from our iPhones in real time is staggering. 

It has also become vital in maintaining our social networking status. Many applications, including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, make use of the iPhone’s Share focus status to announce what you are doing. 

What is Share Focus Status iPhone?

It is a new feature within the iPhone that allows users to share their current focus status with other users, which can be useful for staying on top of work tasks or making sure that friends and family know where you are at. 

The Share Focus Status iPhone application can be used as follows: 

  • Simply open the Settings app and navigate to the “Focus Status” section. 
  • From here, you can toggle the Share Focus Status setting to ON. 
  • Once this is enabled, you’ll be able to share your focus status via iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

How to share your screen using Share Focus?

Using Share Focus, you can share your screen with another person by following a few simple steps.

Step: 1

Both you and the other person must have the Share Focus app installed on their respective devices.

Step: 2

Sign in to your Google account once you have downloaded and installed the app.

Step: 3

Your contacts will appear once you sign in.

Step: 4

Select the person with whom you wish to share your screen and tap their name. You will then be given the option to choose which screen you wish to share.

Step: 5

Once you have selected a screen to share, click the “Share” button and the other individual will be able to see the screen you have selected.

How to access Share Focus on Mac?

On a Mac, Share Focus can be accessed in two methods.

First Method:

  • You may use the Finder to access shared files by clicking on the “Shared” icon on the sidebar of the Finder. 
  • Upon clicking this button, a window will appear showing all computers on your network that are set up for sharing. 
  • The easiest way to access Share Focus is to double-click the icon for the computer you would like to access.

Second Method:

  • On Mac, Share Focus can also be accessed via the “Go” menu in the Finder. To do this, open the Finder and select “Go”. 
  • Select “Connect to Server” from the drop-down menu. A dialog box will appear allowing you to enter the address of the computer you wish to connect to. 
  • Click the “Connect” button after entering the address of the computer that you wish to access in the dialog box.

Which Apple devices are supported by share focus?

It is possible to share the focus on an Apple device with another Apple device. For example, if you are working on your Mac, you can share your focus with your iPhone or iPad. 

Share Focus allows you to remain productive while on the go. It is compatible with the following Apple devices:

  • iPhone 6s or later
  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad Air 2 or later
  • iPad mini 4 or later
  • iPod touch (6th generation or later)
  • iPhone 11
  • 11 Pro
  • 11 Pro Max
  •  12, 12 Pro
  • 12 Pro Max

Share Focus allows you to easily share your focus with another individual via FaceTime, Messages, or Mail.


Does Focus Status share the name of my Focus Mode?

On your iOS, you can create multiple focus modes with different names. It is mainly for organizational purposes. The name of your Focus Mode will never be shared with your contacts when you enable Share Focus Status, so it is just for the sake of the organization. Contacts will simply see that your notifications are silenced, but not the reason why.

Does Focus Status work with third-party apps?

As it is a relatively new feature, Focus Status still has some limitations. In general, third-party apps will not be able to share your Focus Status. However, some third-party apps, such as Slack, have already integrated Focus Mode, so keep an eye out for them.


Our new screen-sharing feature is a great way to share what you’re working on with other people in the meeting. It’s a great way to stay focused on the task at hand. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns that you may have about this feature. We hope you enjoy using it.

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