How to play the online lottery in India

India hosts a wide variety of lotteries. We would like to list how exactly you can also participate in those lotteries and of the online lottery.

How to play online lottery in India

With more than 1.3 billion inhabitants, India is the world‘s largest parliamentary democracy. Despite many challenges, the country has managed to remain politically stable for the most part since its founding in 1947 and has achieved success in the fight against poverty.

In addition, India offers all its inhabitants and also tourists worldwide the most diverse forms of entertainment. While some can enjoy numerous culinary delicacies, others can even turn to gambling in the form of lotteries. Especially the latter is a hot topic in India. But how exactly does one participate in the lottery in India? We would like to enlighten you about it in more detail.

Choose the right platform

In the beginning, you should definitely think about which platform you want to participate on. After all, this virtually determines whether and how much you can win in the first place. There are countless different sites and platforms that grant you participation in the lottery in India. The important thing is to choose the right one. There are very many fraudulent websites which will only pull the money out of your pockets. At, for example, you will find a detailed list of different online lotteries that you can participate in with a clear conscience.

Once you have decided on a platform, you should create a customer account. Here it is mandatory that you enter your correct personal data. After all, a prize can only be paid out if the winner can also be determined. Such data includes legitimate names and addresses as well as correct bank details. After you have linked all this data to your account, you can finally participate in the lottery.

The correct execution of the participation

If your customer account is set up, i.e. bank details and user data are entered correctly, you can now choose a lottery. Many platforms offer you different, small and large events. This has a particular advantage that you are offered an enormous diversity. If you have now decided on one, you can now turn to the numbers. Just listen to your gut feeling here.

Tony Sloterman, the founder of the world-famous company Lottery Finder, is also a big fan of lotteries and was even able to secure a win in a lottery during his visit to India.

After you have selected the numbers, you virtually submit the online lottery ticket, which you will then find in your customer account. Now you have to wait and hope for the best.

Payment in case of a win

Should you be one of the lucky participants who actually managed to secure a prize, you will be contacted by mail right away in most cases. Should you be one of the lucky participants who actually managed to secure a prize, you will be contacted by mail right away in most cases. In addition, you will find a notification in your customer account. Afterwards, you will have to verify your identity again, so to speak. Once this has been done, the corresponding platform will have your winnings paid out to the bank account you have linked. This can vary from bank to bank, but on average it takes one to three business days. 

It is crucial that you get in touch early enough before the deadline expires, otherwise, you will not be able to claim the winnings.


As you can see, playing the lottery in India is as easy as pie. It hardly differs from the lotto in other parts of the world, which is why you too can instantly and with a little bit of luck obtain superior winnings when you participate in the lotto in India!

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