How to have more followers on Instagram in 2022?

Throughout the year of 2021, we spoke with a number of store owners in order to have a better understanding of what makes today’s retailers tick. You can read about how they achieved it here and here, but they both have one thing in common: they’re great on social media, particularly Instagram. more followers on Instagram –

Building an Instagram audience is difficult and time-consuming, but it is undeniably beneficial. It enables you to strengthen your consumer relationships and increase sales both in-store and online. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of tactics that have helped other businesses increase free Instagram followers, so you can take your account to new heights.

Produce your own material- more followers on Instagram 

Unfortunately, many companies fall into the trap of just re-posting other Instagram accounts or product photographs from their web store. What works on Instagram, and the rest of the internet for that matter, is original material that engages people. So, before we go any further, you should know that you’ll have to develop your own material for your followers. It may appear complex and time-consuming, but it need not be!

Exhibit your personality

On Instagram, high-production-value content isn’t always required. Use your smartphone to take images and show off your uniqueness. You’ll probably notice that it’s easier to elicit reactions from your followers once you and your store have put your own unique stamp on the stuff you produce. Feel free to introduce yourself, discuss the store’s mission, and demonstrate that you care about and respect your consumers.

The texts you attach to the pictures you upload can easily demonstrate personality and charm. Do you use a lot or a few emojis? Do you compose extensive stories or short ones beneath the pictures? Story is another wonderful way to display personality, but you’ll need to employ video to do so – which brings us to our next point:

Make use of video!

Else from wherElse told us that she frequently used video in her posts and on Instagram Stories to show off new products in the store. Those who follow a few surveys of what people prefer on social media know that the response to such strategy is positive. In a 2021 study conducted by Socialinsider, they discovered that video content received far more comments than images.

So, whenever you take a picture for the store’s social media, consider whether it could also be used as a video. When something amazing happens in the store, it’s time to grab your phone and upload Instagram Stories. Post videos of new merchandise, decorations, events, new workers, and anything else that your consumers would find interesting.

Keep track of what works.

Instagram allows you to see exactly what is resonating with your clients. You may view which posts received the most likes, follows, comments, saves, and other metrics under “Insights.” So, take use of it for what it’s worth. If you had a notion of what your followers would like but discovered that there are other forms of content that receive the most attention, you should put your money there instead. Keep an eye on what your customers actually appreciate and manufacture more of it, rather than thinking about what you believe they’ll like.

Make use of Canva

You can simply add text and images to your photos using Canva. They also have a lot of beautiful templates to choose from. What’s more, Canva is entirely free. They offer an app that you may download on your phone or utilize at the store.

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