How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work and What Kind of Content Does This Network “Like”?

Much has been written, and still is, about TikTok since the ‘explosion’ of this social media two years ago. Of all the content, the texts about making money through it attract the most attention, and we’ll agree that in order to make money, it’s necessary to first make a good video with adequate and tempting, viral content. In that, TikTok is no different from, say, Instagram. To succeed in this, it’s important to understand how the algorithm like cryptocurrency of this platform works. TikTok Algorithm-

As TikTok is slowly approaching a billion and a half active users worldwide, it’s very important that we get to know and understand the application in the right way. Using TikTok is much easier by using hashtags. Just like on Instagram, hashtags make it easier to search later and help users get to your video and content more easily. It’s also useful for brands because they can create their own recognizable hashtags. You can view the content of other users, and videos can be released at random, which is the most common case, unless you choose to search by hashtag or a specific categorization.

It’s especially interesting for companies and content creation that TikTok is used equally by iPhone and Android users. According to Google Trends statistics, as early as 2019, just two years after TikTok became global, data showed that worldwide interest in this social media was on par with Snapchat. At this moment, there isn’t the slightest indication that that interest will decline any time soon.

What Kind of Content Is Placed on TikTok with TikTok Algorithm?

Most of the videos, at least the ones that are shown to users more often, mostly correspond to a number of challenges or memes. It’s very popular to process a popular song or quote in your own way. Some dance, others act or “lip-sync”… The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you how you use them.

Demographically, TikTok users are predominantly younger:

  • 20% are under the age of 20,
  • 33% are between 20 and 24 years old,
  • 25% are between 25 and 29 years old…

Above all, these users want innovative and fun content. The average time that a TikTok user spends daily in the application is about 52 minutes. Each video can last up to one minute, which would mean that the average TikTok user views about 52 videos a day. This is a lot of video in such a short time, which gives content creators a huge chance for recognition.

TikTok has evolved into a platform for businesses and influencers to market their products. This has been helped by the launch of TikTok ads, which allow companies to display ads as videos. Given the number of active users of the TikTok application, it’s not difficult to calculate the cost-effectiveness of this type of advertising. The huge number of users on this platform means that each user, regardless of nationality and popularity, can reach millions of people from other parts of the world. TikTok breaks all boundaries and allows global messages to reach the public. 

Note that TikTok is rather conservative toward some niches when it comes to advertising on its platform so e.g. casinos from and other platforms for rating gambling sites – actually, the gambling industry overall – are yet not allowed to appear on this social media.

How Does TikTok Algorithm Work?

When a video is released, TikTok displays it to a small number of users among popular videos. No one can explain for sure how it makes the selection and the number of views, but it’s certain that the regularity of the users on this network increases the possibility for more views of his video. Also, a good selection of hashtags, but also original content does so too.

The algorithm measures how much your video is actually viewed, as well as how much it’s liked, commented on, shared, or downloaded. As things currently stand, the ratio of 1 like to 10 views is a sufficient trigger for the algorithm to show the video to a larger number of users. The algorithm runs at the speed of the engagement it receives. If a video gets 20% more likes at once in just one day, the algorithm will offer it to more users.

How to Create Viral Content?

  • be (hyper) active
  • be positive and fun

While other networks ‘don’t like’ excessive activity in terms of too many posts a day, so for company profiles and accounts the rule is that no more than 2-3 posts a week should be posted on Instagram, on Facebook it’s a number for a day, TikTok still ‘endures’ everything. It even likes when you post a few videos a day. Active accounts are highly monitored because they constantly create content and are more often displayed to random users.

Constant production of content gives you a better chance of going viral on TikTok. What’s interesting is that if one video goes viral, your entire feed will go viral on TikTok via TikTok Algorithm. You have to use that moment if you want to gather followers and present your business, company, attract new, young people… it’s up to you to choose your own goal.

Create personalized and authentic videos, don’t copy other people’s. Experiment with new ideas, but never cross the line of good taste: this is especially important for company profiles. Also, always use popular songs because music is the heart of TikTok (google to see which ones are the most viral in 2022). Also, to keep your content viral, use hashtags, always. Make your own hashtag, recognizable for your form or business and always use it as one of several hashtags when publishing content on this platform.

Also, if you’re wondering why your firm needs some ridiculous challenge, we’d like to point out that large corporations are always putting on challenges. For example, Samsung launched a “#danceAwesome” challenge in 2020, where people danced to music imitating the look of the phone with their hands.

Finally, the ‘million dollar’ question:

Why Does a Business Need TikTok Algorithm?

It’s not needed, but it can’t hurt if you use it in the right way – planned and original. Especially if you’re dealing with digital marketing or working with clients who’d one day want you to advise them about appearing on this network. It’s always better to examine the things that you can investigate and examine first.

In any case, a good profile on TikTok can lead to:

  • increase in conversions
  • potential customers
  • increase in total sales
  • improving the overall reputation of the brand

On the other hand, participating in the hashtag challenges of other users will help you achieve greater reach, and if you have quality content, also in getting more followers. Of course, in that case, you mustn’t exaggerate and cross the line of good taste: don’t fall for all challenges, inappropriate trends, and don’t make inadequate moves that could damage the company’s reputation.

Devise a good plan and start implementing it as soon as possible!

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