A busy career of Nicolas Anelka in the Indian championship

In 2014, the Indian Super League was reborn in a new format. That’s why many of the teams had world-class stars. These were the conditions for participation in the championship. By the way, read sports news online on 1xnews, and you can learn a lot of interesting things about this championship.- Nicolas Anelka

Nicolas Anelka joined Mumbai City in 2014. It is possible to talk about the Frenchman’s regalia for a long time. He won the English and Italian championships, won the Champions League. The player was very talented, but had a bad temper. Therefore, many believed that Mumbai City took a risk with his invitation. By the way, you can read sports news online on the 1xnews platform and find out the state of the team now.

Overall, Anelka’s career at Mumbai City was not bad. Yes, he did not win trophies at this club, but spent a few great matches. A total of 13 matches are on his account, in which he scored 2 goals. Yes, someone may say that it is not so much, but it is important to consider that Anelka was invited on the basis of not only football qualities, but also his marketing appeal to the audience.

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Anelka’s career at Mumbai City is notable for the fact that he had to become an acting coach at one point. This is a rare phenomenon in modern football. Nicolas could demonstrate his experience and knowledge as a coach. The skills he acquired in India helped him in the future as well.

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Why was inviting Anelka a good decision?

Some might say that Anelka didn’t score that much. In addition, he didn’t win anything with the club. However, it is absurd to make such demands during the first year of the team’s existence. Moreover, it’s easy to follow its current successes on the site of the reliable company. Other sports are also covered in the company. At 1x.news/cricket/ – best cricket betting prediction is available to everyone.

If highlighting the benefits of inviting Anelka, it is worth mentioning the following ones:

  • attraction of more spectator attention to the championship;
  • opportunities for young Indian players to learn from one of the best forwards of their generation;
  • the player’s great experience, which he shared with his partners.

So even though Anelka is long gone from this team, the memory of him lives on. If you want to make money on Mumbai City matches, then visit the reliable company. Also here it is possible to find the best cricket betting prediction from the company 1xBet. This is the great opportunity to study the opinions of experts and use them in further predictions.

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