5 Key Traits of Professional Movers That You Must Check

Are you planning for a move in recent times? Well, in order to ensure a successful move, it is essential to hire one of the best moving companies. However, finding a professional moving company isn’t easy to perform with ease.  According to the experts of movingfeedback.com, a lot of unprofessional moving companies have started operating these days. So, choosing one of them can ruin your whole moving experience for sure.  However, if you consider performing a few pieces of research, you can eliminate the probability of hiring an unprofessional moving company.   Below are the five key traits of professional movers and  moving companies that you must check before you finally hire one. Let’s have a close look!


Registration with USDOT

Well, while checking the key traits of professional movers, it is essential to check if they are legitimate. You first have to be sure if the moving company is registered with USDOT. The registration number from USDOT is compulsory to provide moving services in the USA.visit here

You can easily check for the USDOT number on the mover’s website. However, if you fail to get it, you can ask the mover to provide for the same. Subsequently, check the status of the license. The status of the license should be active to achieve legitimacy. H

 However, an additional license may be needed to provide moving services in some of the U.S. states. For instance, a moving company from New York should have an NYSDOT license as well to provide lawful moving services. 

Active Insurance Coverage

Active insurance coverage is essential to protect the belongings of the customers. Hiring such a mover can cost you more than you think if a moving company doesn’t have proper insurance coverage. 

This isn’t hard to expect that your belongings can get damaged or stolen during a move. However, having proper insurance coverage facilities of a moving company will ensure compensation if your valuable items get damaged or stolen. 

On the other hand, improper insurance can risk your valuable items during a move. If anything, wrong happens during a move, you’ll not get any compensation. 

So, always check for the active insurance papers before you shoulder all the associated moving tasks to a moving company. Professional moving companies must have proper insurance coverage facilities for the safety and security of their customers. 

Industry Excellence Certificate

Well, have you done checking the authentic license and insurance papers of the moving company? If so, now it’s time to check the mover’s industry excellence certificate. Having an industry excellence certificate marks a moving company as a professional moving company in the USA. Usually, the movers in the USA gets industry excellence certificate from multiple third-party organizations. 

However, third-party organizations are lawful to provide industry excellence certificates to professional moving companies in the USA. The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) is a third-party organization that provides the excellence certificate to U.S. moving companies. 

Check for the Online Ratings and Reviews

Checking for online ratings and reviews is one of the genuine ways to understand whether a moving company is professional enough or not. These days, online ratings and reviews play a crucial role in determining a company’s professionalism. The reputed companies must have good ratings and reviews for the customers. 

A professional moving company should have good ratings and reviews as well. Therefore, if you find a moving company that has maximum good feedback from the customers, it is safe to rely on for sure. 

Customer Engagement

Ensuring the best customer engagement is one of the main traits of a professional moving company. The professional moving company will always provide priority to their customers. Transparent communication plays a crucial role in moving services. 

So, if a moving company is transparent enough in communication and provides importance to the customers, it ensures professionalism for sure.

Why hiring credible movers is important?

You must be wondering why hiring a credible moving company with all these traits is important. Well. You must know that moving is a complicated task and without professional help, you cannot find the best outcome. Now, if you fail to hire a credible moving partner, you will never be able to get the right guidance, and hence your moving project will be compromised. Here are some benefits of dealing with a reliable moving company.

  • Professional movers make the entire process simpler

When you contract with professional movers, you get end-to-end solutions for your moving process. You can rely on the movers to offer you full-service moving packages that are aimed at your personal needs and budget. 

  • Professional movers do not scam

Moving scams are a common concern and avoiding falling prey to the companies who are rogue is the last thing that you would want. When you work with professional and credible moving companies, they offer you high-end services. You can easily avoid moving scams. 

  • High-quality services at the best price

You do not have to worry about hidden prices and additional charges when moving with the help of a moving company. Trusting licensed and insured moving partners means you will get the best se3rvices at a very affordable price. However, this does not mean that you should not negotiate with the movers. 

  • Peace of mind

Last but not the least, professional movers make it stress-free for you to move from one place to another.  You know that your belongings are in safe hands and there will be no damage to them during the transit and rest of the relocation process. If you are working with professionals, you will also get insurance cover for your belongings which further offers you peace of mind. 


So, it seems that you’re now better aware of the five key traits of professional moving companies that you must check before you make the final contract. If you find this article helpful, please let us know in the comment section. Additionally, if you’ve any queries, you can ask them as well. Our team of experts will try answering your queries for sure!


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