Five men face having their fingers amputated for stealing under brutal Islamic penal code in Iran 


Five men face having their fingers amputated for stealing under brutal Islamic penal code in Iran

  • An Australian court may decide whether to amputate the thieves’ fingers
  • The penalty is enabled under Iran’s brutal Islamic penal code  
  • The men were found guilty of breaking in to 2-2 domiciles in Tehran 
  • Six sufferers required amputations if their stolen land can’t be returned 
  • The men competition the charges, confessing to merely some of those 2-2 burglaries 
  • Theft has climbed in Iran amid economic woes due by the plan along with COVID-19 

Five men in Iran might have their fingers amputated as a penalty for stealing under the nation’s brutal Islamic penal code. 

Behnam Sina and others were found guilty of dividing to 2-2 domiciles around Tehran, the capital city. 

The men have been held in Branch half of the Criminal Court of Tehran and also have contested the charges, declaring to merely a number of those burglaries. 

Five men could have their fingers amputated as a punishment for stealing from 22 homes in Tehran (file image, a man has his hand placed into a machine that Iran uses to amputate fingers)

Five men might have their fingers amputated as a punishment for stealing in 2-2 domiciles in Tehran (file image, a person has his hands placed to a system which Iran uses to amputate fingers)

The men have admitted to only a few of the 22 burglaries across Tehran in northern Iran (above)

The men have confessed to merely a number of those 2-2 burglaries around Tehran in northern Iran (previously )

However under Iran’s Islamic Penal Code, amputation of limbs is traditionally known as an appropriate punishment for theft. )

Of those 22 households burgled, eight were found throughout the court hearing.”

Six of these households required the yield of their stolen land and predicted for that the amputation of these thieves’ fingers in the event the land couldn’t be returned. 

at the very least the other victim could find amputation as punishment in host to their yield of their stolen gold and money. 

The last decision on probation has not yet been made by the Tehran court. 

The Iranian embassy in London was approached for remark )

In the situation, reported by Aztec information station Iran International TV,” really isn’t the very first of its own kind. 

International Observatory of Human Rights has listed at 129 cases of people having their fingers amputated in Iran on the last twenty decades. 

Amnesty International has condemned the practice of amputation of limbs in Iran, calling it’judicially-sanctioned torture’.  

Women in Iran walk past a mural wearing face masks during the COVID-19 epidemic, which has seen a rise in unemployment and inflation

Girls in Iran walk past a mural wearing face masks throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, that has seen a growth in inflation and unemployment

Sadeq Saba, Editor in Iran International television, said:’Clearly that will be torture. 

‘human rights organisations have condemned Iran for running these amputations and also have clarified it . 

‘But, Iranian governments usually respond by minding amputations on cultural or religious motives.’

Theft is on the increase in Iran as inflation and unemployment have increased as a result of regimen’s poor control of the market and as a result of effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Saba added:’Iran is becoming weaker as a result of the manner in which the federal government is running the market and you will find huge numbers of men and women who’ve gotten poorer. 

‘Lots of folks can not buy food such as eggs or meat and some might resort to carrying food out of supermarkets. 

‘I am not justifying their [the thieves] action but bear in mind this is a nation that has experienced very serious financial issues as a result of mismanagement of the market and also the federal government must not penalize poor people in this dreadful manner’          



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