What are the Different Kinds of TV Stands that You Can Choose From?


If you want to decorate your living room wall, you will have to pay attention to your TV stand. It is because the TV stands have an important role to play to a great extent about comfortable and pleasant television watching. It also contributes to the entire TV viewing experience just like the TV itself, thereby making it less or more enjoyable. 

One of the accessible instances to consider here is the TV stand height! If it provides the viewing angle atop the eye level, there are chances that it can result in a stiff neck and cervical spondylosis within a short time. Similarly, if the angle happens to be beneath your eye level, you will indeed have neck pain, hunches, and incorrect sitting posture. 

It is unfortunate that most homeowners overlook the relevance of a correct TV console when they are making a purchase. Are you planning to purchase a brand-new TV stand? If yes, you shouldn’t be making this mistake. It is necessary that you browse through all that a store has to offer and choose a TV stand that is perfect for you. To know more about it, you can check out 20 stylish small tv stand options from TheHomeySpace

The different styles and types of TV stands

  • The standard TV stands

If you opt for this TV stand style, you will get medium-to-low height units of the solid units or cabinets that stand on the legs. That aside, the material will always be wood or, at the best-case scenario, a combination of processed wood or wood. The television gets placed atop the stand-top. 

It is interesting to note that a few designs don’t house the television. Instead, the television gets mounted atop the wall, much above a TV console. Here the cabinet will act as the display unit and storage having a combination of open shelves, drawers, and glass-door cabins. Here the barn-style TV stand is trending as it has countryside and rustic appeal. It will showcase a hand-made aura that will complement the contemporary interiors. The standard TV stands provide you with the following advantages.

  • It provides with airy, open, and light interiors. Also, the rooms come with huge French windows and windows along with undivided spaces, for instance, studio apartments. 
  • It is perfect for a home that requires display and storage space in addition to the TV stands. 
  • It is apt for homes that have pets and small children. 

For most homeowners a standard TV stand is the most obvious choice because it is readily available in the stores. 

  • The floating-style TV stand

If you purchase this TV stand, you will find that the TV consoles will not rest on the floor. Instead, it will get fixed atop the wall for almost six to nine inches atop the floor. The designs will differ from one single unit of the three or more open spaces for more spacious shelf-drawer cabinet combinations in addition to the display and big storage capacities. Here the material is primarily wood. Usually, the floating TV stands come with a contemporary and sleek design and can complement the new-age style interiors. 

This style of TV stand usually comes with two advantages. First, it provides a cleaning convenience. That means the impurities and the dust will not settle beneath it, as you find in the floor units. Second, it comes with an increased viewing angle. Hence, the increased height enables you to keep the TV near to eye level. 

  • The pier-style TV stand

It is a great TV stand design that covers a considerable part of the wall. Also, here you have several multi-purpose units that assist the TV set. Going by the name, you will notice that the platform has got raised on the pier. Irrespective of the design, the television gets placed at the middle, along with tall cabinets rising towards the sides. The base is a blend of cabinets, closed drawers, and glass doors. Additionally, the side cabinets effectively store the books and showcase décor items and artifacts. When it comes to the floating design, here, the television can rest on the top of the base cabinet or get wall mounted. 

The pier TV stands are considered as high-quality furniture pieces. It usually can match up to the decors like figurines, pedestal lampshades, lighting arrangements, large planters, home theatres, and the like. The primary advantage is that they can come up with décor units. When you have a stable TV stand with the pier, there is no need to complement the furniture or décor in the rooms. 

  • The fireplace TV stands

When it comes to television entertainment, you must consider the warmth a fireplace décor can bring. Such entertainment centers get designed to provide you with the best of everything. The various designs in this segment comprise of the following:

  • An enclosed fireplace includes a fire cover, and you can see the embers that burn through a glass door. 
  • The mobile unit that comes with high-end wheels, but you shouldn’t opt-in for it. The reasons for this are that they are not mobile. 
  • The ornate or colonial options, which are heavy and carved wooden entertainment options which will add an element of affluence and royalty to the room. It would help if you also thought about whether you have a matching set for such a striking piece. If not, it might appear to be an odd piece out in your living room. 


  • The corner-style TV stand

It fits snugly towards the intersection of both walls. They come with closed cabinets that can have glass doors or not towards the base. It also has open shelves towards the sides. The primary advantage of the corner-style television stand is that it provides a space-saving element along with smart storage services. When opting in for the TV stand, you should check whether it caters to your home décor. If you aren’t certain, you can get in touch with a home décor expert to arrive at the correct decision. 

Things to consider when you are selecting a TV stand

You need to ensure that the TV stand blends in perfectly with the existing room décor. It shouldn’t look like the TV stand is out of place. No one wants a TV stand that is an unpleasant contrast with the wall color, curtains, and sofa. Other than that, the TV console should be in correct alignment with the furniture pieces concerning the styling and the choice of material. It means it must appear that you have purchased the TV stand at the same time that you bought the existing furniture of the house. 

You should be careful of the material of the TV stand. One pf the best material to opt-in for is wood. You can also alternate between metal or processed wood. You shouldn’t experiment with any fancy materials as it can pose risk to the TV set. When you select wood, it provides you the advantage of multiple natural textures that won’t just enhance but also add to the charm and class of the room. Wood is a sturdy material and is non-conductive.

On the other hand, processed wood, for instance, planks and hardboard, are reasonably priced in comparison to natural wood. So, if you have a budget constraint, this can be a good option for you. When it comes to metal, you will get it within your budget as well. You can select from powder-coated aluminum, wrought iron, and stainless steel. There are plenty of other metals too that you can select from. 

Storage space is also another essential factor to consider. It is especially crucial when you have a compact house, and the furniture must double up as the storage units. Here the TV stands that come with bottom cabinets also cater to your purpose. You should also check if the TV stands come with shelves. If yes, then they usually provide you with display areas for the décor items and various other objects on display. It also works as a bookstand. 

However, besides all these checkpoints, you should also assess joint and structural strength. You need to assess the finishing quality of your TV stand. As you use it, you will notice that it witnesses extended wear and tear with time. It is more so the case when you have kids in your house who are active and naughty. The same is applicable if you have pets in your house. Keeping all these aspects in mind, it is necessary for the TV stand to get built solidly and have a finish that is long-lasting. Are you thinking about the best finishing choices? If yes, you can take your pick from the lacquer, spray paint, PU coating, stain, and the French varnish. All these finishings are long-lasting, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. Once you take a note of all these factors, you can select your TV stand that caters to your purpose. You should also check the cost and ensure that you don’t pay excessive amounts for the same. 


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