The Best Kids TV Shows on Netflix to Watch With Your Family

While TV shows are now at our fingertips thanks to multiple streaming platforms available, TV time can still be a bit tough with the little ones. You want to watch with them, but it’s difficult to pick which shows are good for both kids and grown-ups. Because, hey, if you’re gonna watch with them, might as well make it fun for you too, right?

Worry no more, stressed-out grown-up! Here are our recommended 7 best kids TV shows on Netflix that are fun for kids and adults alike. They’re entertaining, even educational, and definitely not a slog to go through. So grab some snacks for the little ones (and some for you too), buy Netflix gift card code, and get ready for a fun TV time with the kids!


In Hilda, mystery and adventure meet the supernatural! Our eponymous protagonist is no stranger to magical creatures and the unexplained due to living in a mysterious forest. But after a move to the city, she thought she’d be leaving it all behind. Luckily, she happily finds out that her new urban home is secretly filled with its own supernatural charm.

What we love about this Netflix kids show is its sense of wonder and adventure. Kids will enjoy the bright and colorful animation and the magical creatures featured in the story. The plot mystery with Hilda and the creatures will also keep grown-ups on the edge of their seats!

The Cuphead Show

The Cuphead video games made quite a splash in gaming communities because of its uniqueness, eye-popping animation, and ridiculously difficult gameplay. But don’t worry, your patience won’t be tested with this animated adaptation. 

This slapstick comedy series has everything that made the Cuphead games great. It’s praised for its animation, humor, and fun energy, which we love too. If Cuphead is one of your favorite games, you can share it with your kids through this Netflix kids show.

Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego now? Why, she’s on Netflix! Yep, Carmen Sandiego got an animated show on Netflix and it’s got everything we love about the original work and more. In this show, you go on a globe-hopping adventure, see the sights, witness Carmen do heists, and even discover her mysterious past.

If you grew up with its video games and game show and want to introduce the world of Carmen Sandiego to your kids, this modern adaptation is one of the best ways to do it. Plus, you’re teaching geography, history, and culture to your kids too!

Pokemon Concierge

Go on a lovely vacation with Pokemon in the comforts of your home with Pokemon Concierge! Aside from its relaxing tropical vibe (Alola, anyone?), this show is an absolute delight to watch and is one of the best kids TV shows on Netflix because of its unique stop-motion animation, adorable Pokemon, and heartfelt story (tears were shed at one point, folks).

Haru is a new concierge at the resort and is a little lost on what to do. Thankfully, the Pokemon there are cute and helpful! 

Seems like Netflix enjoyed Haru’s Pokemon adventure too because it’s being renewed for more episodes.

Speaking of renewing, if you ever need to renew your Netflix subscription to watch any of these delightful shows, head over to for some Netflix gift cards. There’s even a handy-dandy tutorial on how to redeem Netflix gift card code to guide you. Now your only problem is to pick what to watch!

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