JEFF PRESTRIDGE: Will Woodford investors see payout?


JEFF PRESTRIDGE: After would Woodford investors see a payout? ) Government perhaps not likely to pay for the losses they’ve suffered

Brazen dual standards. This has been the verdict a week of numerous Woodford Equity Income finance investors who contacted me in reaction to this Government’s statement of this reimbursement it’s going to cover savers that lost money as a consequence of the collapse of minibond provider London Capital & Finance. 

On the 1 handthey expressed pleasure which the Authorities can cover these bond-holders #120million in reimbursement as a consequence of their City operator’s abject failure to secure their economic interests. The reimbursement is going to lead to a few 10,000 investors receiving 80 percent of their price of the original investment, even capped in 68,000. 

On the flip they have been seething that far there appears no tendency to pay them for the losses they’ve suffered as a consequence of the collapse of the identical regulator (the completely useless Financial Conduct Authority) to make sure Woodford Equity Earnings (and its own director Neil Woodford) was approved by the rules until it had been suspended in June 20-19. As matters stand, their sole path to financial justice is based throughout class action attorneys fighting their own corner. 

Anger: The FCA failed to ensure Woodford Equity Income (and its manager Neil Woodford) was abiding by the rules

Illness: The FCA did not ensure Woodford equity-income (and its own director Neil Woodford) was characterized by the guidelines

It is hard to not become sympathetic towards those Woodford investors. Compensation to get LC&F bond-holders was brought about by a hardhitting separate inspection in to the Financial Conduct Authority’s law of LC&F. Inspired by retired judge Dame Elizabeth Gloster and released late this past year, ” it reasoned:’bond holders, regardless of their respective personal conditions, were able to expect, and receive, more security by the regulatory regime in regard to an FCA-authorised firm (for instance, LC&F) than that which, in actuality, was delivered with the FCA.’ 

However, much like the anger of most Woodford equity-income investors, no corresponding independent inspection has been arranged in to the operator’s job enclosing the suspension and also passing of their finance that they certainly were spent . Truly, the only real’exploring’ that’s occurred (and that I use that word very loosely) was the FCA itself. At the time of now — 2-2 months later claiming to check in the dilemma — it’s to complete one word regarding exactly what it plans to perform. Maybe, its silent originates from the simple fact that the FCA knows it really is really as guilty as the others included with this pitiful investment debacle. Said one equity-income invest or a week:’It is an outrageous injustice this a pair of sufferers of regulatory collapse [LC&F savers] has been paid by the Authorities while the other [WEI investors] needs to resort class action attorneys to fight their own corner. It’s an ominous instance of double criteria’ 

Surely, it’s time for the Government to arrange an independent investigation to the law of Woodford equity-income. I could think of no better man to run that than Dame Elizabeth Gloster.


Speaking of reimbursement, ” I was contacted a week with a casualty of the Equitable Life scandal (sadlyhe has lost profit Woodford equity-income ). He needed to learn whether any longer reimbursement could be paid for people just like him savings were savaged being a consequence of the near meltdown of their insurer at 2000. 

the solution, I’m scared to record, is that a big’no’. The other day, Treasury officials informed that the Public Accounts Committee that records of Equitable Life settlement claims had been crushed by NS&I — that the firm accountable for overseeing reimbursement payments of 1.5billion purchased at 2010 by former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. They said that this was achieved simply because they believed the payment strategy shut.

For your enquiring reader, he means that he may have gotten a small percent of the settlement he believed he’d have to pay for his losses. And he is one of many — tempered Equitable Life campaigners believe the shortfall completely reimbursement dictated by the Parliamentary Ombudsman at 2008, stands around #2.6billion. 

Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin, ” a part of the PAC, said last week’s session which the files being ruined’does not fortify community confidence, clearly if from the heads of many there’s unfinished business’. 

Understanding the zeal of people that conduct the Equitable Members Action Group, ” I really don’t believe we’ve heard the last of the action of destruction.



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