How to Promote Your Business With Sticker Ads

What makes custom vinyl stickers different is that they are an inexpensive way to grab the attention of new customers and promote your brand in new areas. 

Advertising stickers are a fun and light way to introduce your business to new customers when you distribute them in a playful context. In this article, we’ll see some fun ways to promote your business with sticker ads. 

Create a positive work environment for your employees

Start by create stickers online and sharing them with your employees, so they can use and distribute them. Your customers can place the adhesive stickers wherever they want to promote your business and brand. It won’t take long for your company logo to appear on:

  • bottles;
  • computers;
  • bags and other office supplies.

It’s also good for company culture and pride.

Distribute custom stickers to customers 

Custom stickers can be handed out at events, sold in stores, or attached to product shipments to promote your business. It’s an inexpensive way to promote your business or give out a nice gift to your customers.

And if your customers put a sticker on their car, it’s free publicity that can exceed your expectations. It is a simple and efficient way to increase brand awareness.

You can also create cute personalized stickers for your customers’ pets to thank them for using your services, for example, if you run a pet or dog walking business. Your client will likely put a sticker on their car, fridge, laptop, or water bottle to remind them to use your services again.

Decorate your packaging with adhesive stickers

Suppose you have an online store that ships a lot of products and use unique stickers inside and outside the box to promote your brand and message. A QR code sticker or a personalized sticker with your company information on the outside of the box will let customers know immediately that the product is from you.

If you want to attract customers, put a sticker inside the box with your social media and contact details. Also, add a colorful sticker that they can use on social media to show how much they love your products.

Use adhesive stickers to decorate business windows

Use custom vinyl decals on your business windows and doors, visible to passers-by. They last outdoors and do not fade for several months.

Window stickers help customers remember your business, and if you create a sticker with a catchy phrase or slogan, customers might come to your store to buy the sticker.

Personalized stickers are cheap and easy to make, and you can change the font to suit events or hot topics.

Put adhesive stickers on your floor and your door

Self-adhesive floor and door stickers are a fun way to grab people’s attention. Floor stickers are often used to provide information and safety instructions, but they can also attract customers. 

You can also include funny phrases that will make customers laugh while shopping. Adhesive stickers can be used in as many ways as you want.

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