Greensill still touting David Cameron four months before collapse

Davis Cameron’s name employed to promote disgraced financier Lex Greensill’s company into the NHS only four months before its own collapse

Davis Cameron’s name has been used to promote disgraced financier Lex Greensill’s company into the NHS only four months before its own collapse, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. 

Greensill Capital, that filed for bankruptcy in March, was touting Cameron because its senior advisor and November, according to confidential records. 

The fund firm had been offering NHS hopes its company program Earnd for an easy means for staff to get their salary before cash back. But this past month, Earnd dropped in to government with 10.2million of debt, a few of that will be owed into NHS entities.  Earnd was employed by several NHS trusts with tens of thousands of staff. 

Food for consideration: Greensill Capital had been touting David Cameron because its senior advisor and November, based on private records

Cameron, that had been Prime Minister before 20-16, was appointed as a paid senior advisor Greensill Capital at 2018. A spokesman for Cameron said he became aware that Greensill was to the verge of collapse at December — only a month after his first name was utilized from the papers. 

‘David Cameron wasn’t on the Greensill Board, also has been perhaps not on the charge or hazard committees,”’ the spokesman said. ‘He did not even think or understand that the company had been at all of collapse before December 20 20.’ 

The records from November two country:’We want to say that the Earnd Advisory Board members will be delighted to converse to you personally. Likewise therefore could Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe who’s an adviser to people personally, David Cameron is a senior advisor to our chief Board, also we can provide testimonials from several public business leaders regarding your bonafides.’ 

Lord Hogan-Howe had been Commissioner of the Metropolitan authorities until 20 17 and has been appointed as a paid adviser to Earnd continue might — exactly the exact same month he entered the Cabinet Office being a non-executive manager. He explained he had been oblivious that Earnd had been using his own name in papers provided for NHS trusts. 

Lord Hogan-Howe said:’I will make sure I didn’t take a part from medical Service procurement procedure. I was oblivious that Earnd were using my own name this manner and that I wasn’t asked to provide a mention’ 

The Cabinet Office said:’Lord Hogan-Howe transparently announced his interests, that were published on line, which he had absolutely no part in any policy or procurement pertaining to those interests’ 

Greensill’s advisory board for Earnd had contained Lord Blunkett, the former Home Secretary, who resigned out of his paid position in February. 

Reports had surfaced from November which Greensill was confronting financial issues. A few of its own debtors had neglected to refund loans, for example failed healthcare group NMC health insurance and the creditor Brighthouse. 

Bridget Phillipson, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said:’It is shocking the us government has been still letting Greensill Capital hawk its products round the NHS in the same period once the warning lights were flashing red in its own future’ 

Greensill declined to comment.


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