Boss of Bulb reveals plan to save customers £60bn on bills

Ambitious: Bulb’s leader Hayden Wood possesses a fifth of the business

Bulb Power has enjoyed a rocket-fuelled trajectory considering launch six decades past — and its own leader does modest to interrupts speculation he’s eyeing up a second growth spurt.

When asked to confirm rumours that the green energy firm is considering an additional multi-million-pound fund raising, Hayden Wood says he’s’plans to keep on Bulb’s assignment and to grow fast’. 

And he hints he will float the business on that the stock exchange through an initial public offering later on. ‘It is something we’d believe,’ says Wood, 3-7, who pumped his entire life savings to Bulb within its own startup period and possesses a fifth of the enterprise. 

‘It is not a thing we’re likely to do at the moment. But I’d want to give Bulb associates [customers] the ability to buy stocks in Bulb when they need to. That is all I will mention ‘ 

Wood, a former management adviser, Immunology Bulb at 2015 along with his friend Amit Gudka, an former Barclays energy dealer. They believed that the power economy was broken up under its rarity from the older’Big Six’ energy providers and place out to provide a cheaper, more economical and more easy alternative. 

Within the last year,” Wood says Bulb has gained’countless of tens of thousands’ of clients who’ve mostly changed from firms like British Gas and EDF, which makes it the sixth most important energy supplier in britain supporting Scottish Power. It’s 1.7million clients worldwide, up from 15,000 in 2017, also it has hit 50,000 international clients after enlarging overseas year to France, Spain and Texas. 

Wood admits that the rapid expansion was stressful, saying it’s felt like’we’d to be building the plane while we’re flying ‘. He had been’gutted’ once the stunt struck March since the workload supposed he couldn’t accept paternity leave to spending some time together with his baby girl.

The pressure has also contributed to allegations of a brand new culture at the business — conditions which Wood says are currently firmly before (see box). 

However, the pace shows no sign of slowing Bulb, that is called as Europe’s fastest-growing startup in March and hired by 400 team across the outbreak, swelling its own employee rankings to 1000. 

Under Wood’s ambitious ten-year plan he wants to supply 100 million clients worldwide by 20-30. Bulb goals to produce a 50 profit per household, on moderate yearly energy bills of approximately #1000, carrying turn-over to approximately #1.8billion. 

He predicts for the climate catastrophe’a race ‘ and says he’s to enlarge Bulb’s green energy source to help reach netzero goals. ‘If we send our plan we presume we’ll manage to save your self roughly #60billion on people’s energy bills and approximately 800 million tons of carbon dioxide,”’ he states. 

‘With no setting these ambitious aims we have been simply not moving to arrive.’ 

Bulb has received #67-million investment to date, with the majority from hedge-fund Magnetar Capital along with Russian billionaire Yuri Milner’s firm DST world wide, an early investor in Deliveroo, face book and Twitter. Wood sees Bulb just as far as a technician start up being a power firm. And like most young technology businesses, Bulb has run large reductions since it invests heavily in expansion, with a 63million loss on the entire year to the ending of March 20 20. 

Wood won’t confirm whether it transferred to profit this past year as the business is in’growth manner’. His general vision for Bulb is to transition by a power supplier to a’energy director’, offering technical solutions and services and products such as home batteries for solarpanel owners along with smart electric vehicle charging. 

Bulb, located in East London, assembles all of its applications on site and is now trialling an program which may connect to clients’ electric vehicles also mechanically charge their cars at the least expensive intervals of afternoon, as costs change due to shifting requirement.  It’s also analyzing home battery technology which may enhance the storage and control of energy generated by solar power systems. It’s the very first UK supplier to allow clients to generate income by purchasing fresh solar panels to the grid. 

‘The job of a power supplier is currently shifting,’ Wood claims .” ‘We need to tell clients just how far solarpanels will cost, just how far they are able to save on bills, and also at which they ought to control their electric car or truck. We’re building these services and products which may enable people browse this intricate world and allow it to be easy across all those different apparatus.’ 

Wood asserts Bulb could be your most economical UK energy supplier on a two-year period as the other businesses transform clients on to higher benchmark factor tariffs after per year during the so called’devotion taxation’. The us government is appearing to prohibit this clinic after stress from Wood. Bulb simply includes one tariff and its own bills are usually #100 more economical annually compared to Government’s #1,138 price cap. 

Wood is incredibly thrilled of Bulb’s cellphone program, asserting it’s the finest from the current market and defeats green competitions Ovo and Octopus for customer support . ) ‘People are saying that energy technology is your newest fintech,’ Wood claims. ‘Folks used to connect to their energy organizations by simply calling them berating them for sending the erroneous bill, they now are able to assess their own energy usage and their obligations on their program.’ 

Wood can be in discussions with the Prime Minister and the Chancellor to scrap VAT on green items like electric cars and electric heating pumps and also certainly will establish the’Tech Zero’ task-force from the forthcoming weeks to help technology businesses quantify and reduce their carbon footprint. He says:’It’s a gigantic challenge to change how we live and work therefore that I imagine we’ll last to have those conversations to get a lengthy moment. But now we have been making rapid advancement.’


Bulb is fighting to shake off its reputation as being a challenging place to work after staff asserted that the break neck pace had established a’toxic’ civilization. 

Former employees submitted reviews on that the Glassdoor internet site in 20-19 saying they’d functioned 12 hour days and alleged leader Hayden Wood used to vow at employees and sabotage to fire them. 

Wood said:’We’d grow very fast and we’d have any men and women have been miserable with working at Bulb. We can not deny this. However, we’ve learnt a good deal in the past 2 yrs: we now have devote so many approaches and procedures and we all have been therefore far better today at preparation. This indicates that a great deal to me people combine Bulb and also have a fantastic experience working ‘ 

He added:’I go through the strain which everybody was throughout with coronavirus and manners people can offer a supportive working environment for them. I feel as we all are able to do much more.’

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